Book one or both of our iconic lanes and we’ll arm you with axes, point you in the direction of the target, stand back and let you throw!
Over 18s only. No alcohol before or during your throwing session. You must wear closed toe shoes, no heels or sandals and any long hair must be tied back. Safety first folks! 1-10 people per lane. 20 or 45 minute sessions.


Augmented Reality Darts

Aim for the Future: Get ready to step into the future of darts with augmented reality! Traditional darts meets cutting-edge technology. Our oches are suitable for up to 10 people per lane. Each session is an hour long.


Beer/Posh Pong

The ultimate test of aim and accuracy! Grab the crew, sink some shots, and make unforgettable memories! Over 18's only. 1 pitcher of Beer or Prosecco is included with each session – or switch out for soft drink it's up to you! 1-8 people per game. 45 minute session. 


American Pool

Whether you're a seasoned player or just looking to unwind, the tables are set, and the game is on! 2 tables. 1-4 players per table. 45 minute sessions.



Slide into Victory: Get ready to slide, shuffle, and score your way to victory on the shuffleboard court, one puck at a time! 2 tables. 1 -6 players per table. 45 minute session.


Karaoke Room

Step into our Karaoke Room and become the star of the show! Sing your heart out with friends amidst top-notch sound and dazzling lights. 55 minute sessions for up to 8 people. £25pp. Food and drink packages available.


UV Table Tennis

Glow for the win! Turn on the UV lights to illuminate the table, paddles, and balls, transforming the game into a glowing spectacle! Choose your paddle and serve with style. Each session 1 hour.